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F / 3-103 type cloth bao jie shi mei port

Mainly engaged in F / 3-103

Dongguan jie shi mei shoes material co., LTD. (also known as Italy, jie shi mei moro, industrial co., LTD.) was founded in 1999, is located in China's high-end shoes production base - dongguan, has developed to set production and sales for the integration of large enterprises, and in Italy, macau, anhui branch was established.
      Company strength is abundant, the equipment is advanced, focusing on research and development can really help customers to solve the problem of innovative products, cotton and pioneered global breathing hot melt adhesive port treasure. We specialized senior cotton port of hot melt adhesive series, senior port of low temperature hot melt adhesive series, hot melt adhesive series, senior water-soluble port treasure series, hot pressing stereotypes cloth series, senior shoes with special fabric, accessories, and other shoes with senior shoes material products.
      Company with many famous shoes match agents established a long-term, stable relations of cooperation, such as belle, daphne, meaning er kang, etc., products because of its green environmental protection, high quality, reasonable price, variety complete, deeply customer like, the company because of its heavy credit, do the practical work, dare to innovation mode of operation and won the customers trust and become their designated suppliers.
      Company continuously the pursuit of excellence, is good at resource integration, in May 2013, set up the new team again, through the introduction of the Italian engineers and management personnel, research and development of new projects and products. Because we firmly believe that only constant innovation can let companies have lasting core competitive power, to help customers solve real problems, to achieve win-win goal.
      Adhering to the "for all customers with the best quality products and the best quality service, employees for the company to create a happy work, happy life, and create a brilliant platform" of the enterprise culture, relying on the wisdom and efforts of all staff, jie shi beauty can become a model of industry, to become a harmonious and healthy, excellent team unity, forge ahead, create brilliant!

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