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Shoe Fair will be upgraded to a sports industry event
From: Dongguan Jieshimei shoes material Co., LTD Post date: 2020-04-17

As a barometer and wind vane of China and even the world's shoemaking industry, the 17th consecutive Shoe Fair has become a beautiful "city card" of Jinjiang, the capital of brands. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Jinjiang Council for the promotion of international trade that the 18th Shoe Expo to be held next year will be upgraded to China (Jinjiang) international footwear (Sports Industry) Expo, and the extension of the Expo will be further expanded.
Jinjiang is the third national sports industry base after Shenzhen and Chengdu. It is also a window city for the development of China's sports industry. The sports industry chain is very developed. The upgraded Shoe Expo will be built into a comprehensive sports industry event that gathers sports goods, sports marketing resources, sports culture and technology, builds a high-end platform for sports industry development, disseminates new sports culture concepts, and promotes brand promotion and channel expansion of sports industry.
It is reported that the 18th Expo will be jointly sponsored by China Council for the promotion of international trade and China Light Industry Federation, and will be held in Jinjiang City from April 18 to 21, 2016. The exhibition has a planning area of more than 50000 square meters and 1800 international standard booths. At that time, Italian fashion experts will hold the latest international trend display of shoes and shoe materials, and carry out the trend lecture. On the occasion of the 11th anniversary of Taiwan Pavilion, the organizing committee will hold the "global footwear and leather market development trend forum" jointly with Taiwan Machinery Industry Association for the first time. Meanwhile, one belt, one road, will be introduced into the "shoe and flower fair" to become a major platform for economic and trade cooperation between the two sides.
In the planning of the exhibition hall, it has been determined to set up three exhibition areas including shoe machine, shoe material and shoe finished product hall, as well as science and technology hall, investment attraction hall, brand product hall, shoe hardcover area for small and medium-sized enterprises, industrial design and outdoor products hall, e-commerce Hall, media exhibition area and Taiwan shoe machine hall. The exhibition covers footwear products, sports equipment, outdoor products, footwear and auxiliary materials, leather products, chemical raw materials, footwear machinery, leather machinery and equipment, as well as related scientific research, design, information publications, network, e-commerce, books, etc.
At present, Jinjiang has established the Preparatory Leading Group for the 18th China (Jinjiang) international footwear industry (Sports Industry) Expo, and the early stage of foreign publicity, investment promotion and Exhibition recruitment has taken the lead. Recently, Jinjiang Council for the promotion of international trade took the lead in organizing Chendai, Chidian, Meiling, Neikeng, Xibin and other key shoe industry towns and exhibition companies, as well as relevant shoe enterprises to visit Taiwan to discuss investment and Exhibition matters.
The head of Jinjiang Council for the promotion of international trade said that it would strengthen the recruitment work by combining independent recruitment with entrusted recruitment. At the same time, in order to attract more merchants to attend the conference, we will also increase the investment promotion efforts through the channels of network, professional market, intermediary agent, exhibitors' investment promotion, media promotion, mailing invitation letters, sending personnel to domestic key areas for investment promotion and paid entrustment of domestic (Overseas) intermediary investment promotion.
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