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New phenomenon of shoes e-commerce in Houjie Town
From: Dongguan Jieshimei shoes material Co., LTD Post date: 2020-04-17

After several years of rapid development, some shoes e-businesses in Houjie are facing new phenomena: online sellers who mainly sell middle and low-end shoes choose to "move" the supply chain to Fujian, Huizhou and other places due to the lack of flexibility in the Dongguan supply chain, which affects the delivery volume; while online sellers who are committed to the middle and high-end shoes still support the Dongguan shoes supply chain, believing that although they are not flexible enough, But the product quality is excellent and can provide a good source of goods.
Inconsistent rhythm
Some e-businesses quietly "move out" the supply chain of shoe industry
"Most of Houjie's shoes industry is mainly based on foreign trade, and the flexibility of ordering is insufficient. It often takes half a month to supply a single order, which is not in line with the rhythm of e-commerce, which stresses on high efficiency and speed, so that the sales of shoes are not timely and the inventory pressure of e-commerce is increased." During the interview, after several years of "touch the net" rolling, many people in the industry issued such sentiments.
"Weiboroshi" is one of them, which is mainly sold in the middle and low-end shoes industry. In the past five years, its tmall store has created one sales peak after another, but also accumulated a large amount of inventory. "Last year, the sales volume of our shop was very large. The annual sales exceeded 20 million yuan, but the profit was the lowest in recent years." "Weiboroshi" won the "blog traffic" by volume, hoping to attract tmall's attention and support with beautiful sales performance. "It once ranked the top 75 in sales volume in Taobao shoes industry", but in the competition of "blog traffic", it caused excessive inventory in the store shoes industry. This year, the focus of "weiboroshi" is mainly to clean up inventory.
"For example, for a pair of best-selling shoes with an order of 5000 pairs, sometimes the production factory will delay for at least half a month or two to complete the whole supply. There is often a phenomenon that the goods are out of stock in the peak season and out of stock in the off-season. Once the sales season passes, they can only be put in storage." Wu Baolong, the head of "weiboroshi", said that since August this year, the supply chain of "weiboroshi" has shifted to Fujian and Huizhou. "Compared with Houjie, Fujian and Huizhou's shoe enterprises respond quickly. When the world is a few days away, they can ship goods. In this way, businesses can accurately place orders according to the sales volume of online shoes, avoiding inventory pressure."

Excellent quality
"Attract" E-Commerce orders of middle and high-end footwear industry
While Taobao tmall sellers, who are mainly engaged in the low-end footwear industry, are busy moving out of the "supply chain", the sellers, who are mainly engaged in the middle and high-end footwear industry, hold fast to the world of Houjie footwear manufacturing industry. They believe that after years of development, Houjie has excellent product quality, which is an unparalleled advantage for other supply chains.
In 2013, "fatina" flagship store officially registered as tmall's seller mainly sold middle and high-end shoes, with prices above 300 yuan. At present, the attention of "fatina" flagship store has reached 156000. The relevant person in charge said that "fatina" has always focused on quality and service. Since the opening of the store, the turnover has been increasing year by year, and the turnover on the day of "double 11" has increased by 30% compared with the same period last year. "Since its opening, fatina has cooperated with Houjie shoes company. The product quality of Houjie shoes company is excellent, and there is no logistics pressure. The geographical location is closer to facilitate communication, so the supply chain has never been considered to move out." It is understood that at present, "fatina" flagship store has its own production plant in Dingshan, and its suppliers are mainly Guangzhou and Houjie shoes enterprises, with 2 in Guangzhou and about 4 in Houjie. "Generally speaking, our factory produces a small part of the products, and most of the orders are mainly outsourced." It is reported that there are about four or five shoes e-commerce enterprises of the same scale as "fatina" in Houjie, and they all choose to cooperate with Houjie for a long time.
In the interview, the author found that at present, Houjie's E-Commerce orders are mainly made by small shoe enterprises, with more than 70-80 employees. Industry insiders said that large shoe enterprises such as Longyun, oasis, Qiaohong and other enterprises have their own fixed foreign trade orders, and less accept small orders. "Similarly, for e-commerce footwear sellers, the supply chain is also more inclined to small businesses because of their flexibility."
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